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Who Are We?

Web Doctor Designs was founded in April 2003 by Dr. David Kennedy. Web Doctor Designs is a full service web site design and maintenance company. We are locally owned and operated in San Antonio, Texas.

The idea for Web Doctor Designs arose out of a need for an inexpensive yet sophisticated website for homeowner associations. This aim initially guided the development of our website design. We soon found that the commercial interest in our services had displaced our original intent. We were excited and honored to provide websites for a few local businesses and an entire hospital district.

We are looking forward to continuing along our original path and servicing the local homeowner associations with an affordable and attractive alternatives to expensive "Big Company" website design. Please call or email us. We would love to help you.

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WEB DOCTOR DESIGNS offers you the opportunity to carve out a niche in cyberspace. We specialize in small business, homeowner association, and physician office websites. We are a Texas based company. However, we provide service anywhere in the United Sates.

More and more people are turning to the internet to find a place to eat, someone to mow their yard, or just to gather information. We offer professional and imaginative website design custom made to suit your needs. Your new website will give you exposure and marketing potential never before realized.

Your clients will have convenient twenty-four hour a day access to your company or association. Our services do not end there! Our marketing staff will list your site on the most prominent search engines to assure you maximum exposure.

What is the difference between WEB DOCTOR DESIGNS and other design companies? Our packages include everything! We include web site development, graphic design, password protected access to vital documents, management of email aliases, and web hosting without any additional charges!

On The Board of Your HOA ?

We Offer HOA Discounts!

Call us about our discounts. Neighborhood HOAs qualify for a significant discount off our regular price for site setup. Call or email us today to see why WEB DOCTOR DESIGNS needs to design your HOA website!


Do You Have A Specialized Need?

WEB DOCTOR DESIGNS offers a wide variety of specialized databases, e-commerce solutions, original graphic designs and hand coded application to suit your every need.

What can we offer you?